Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour (Review) | "Get Tonk'd" | Your pop culture protein fix!

Swift dazzles in her 1989 World Tour!

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour (Review) | "Get Tonk'd" | Your pop culture protein fix!

Swift dazzles in her 1989 World Tour!

Okay, so it finally happened. After six years, my much-loved, ever so retro (so retro they don't even make 'em any more) Macbook decided to go to the little Apple Store in the sky. A moment please...

Anyway, I got over like any self respecting bachelor suffering a mid-life crisis would do, and purchased a newer, younger model. Now, whilst in the Apple Store, jumping through the oh so many hoops required to purchase a new Macbook on finance, one thing struck me... That thing was Taylor Swift.

She was literally everywhere. On every device, on every screen, there she was... Not that I'm complaining. Swift's 1989 album has been a fixed addition on my iPhone since it was released back in 2014, and in my humble opinion is one of the best pop albums in the last decade.

Swift's relationship with Apple Music was cemented earlier this year when her open letter, stating that she would not give them permission to use her music unless they paid their artists during the 3-month trial period of the service, resulting in Apple doing a total 180 and agreeing to her terms. Likely a publicity stunt, but an effective one at that... and here we are. The end of 2015 and Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour is free to view, exclusively on Apple Music. So naturally, after all the in-store indoctrination I had to give it a watch.

And what a show! The first thing that struck me was how dazzling everything was. Whoever's idea it was to provide every single audience member with a light-up, colour-changing wrist band is a genius, because it has created something truly unique and spectacular for a concert-viewing experience. A real game-changer!

Filmed to a sold out Australian crowd of 76,000 (a fact repeated several times by Swift throughout), the show is basically a journey through all the tracks of 1989, including the some deluxe edition cuts, and souped up versions of past hits. "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", from Swift's previous effort "Red", are given moody, rockier treatments, whilst signature ballad "Love Story" is remixed with a synthy-sheen so effective that you almost forget it was originally a country song.

The stage is simple, but a ginormous catwalk with a nifty raise-and-revolve feature, allows for both copious amounts of strutting, particularly on album favourite "Style", and intimate moments with the crowd on slower tracks such as "Clean" and a personal concert highlight, "You Are In Love"

The video backdrops are crystal clear, the costumes are glitzy -- sexy without showing too much skin, and the band, singers and dancers are on point. This is, however, Taylor's show.

She is feisty and flirty, without ever being too provocative and her moments of conversation with the enormous crowds are just that... conversational. However scripted they might well be, Swift maintains a genuine humility and an infectious charm that proves why she has become one of the biggest stars in the world.

In-between songs are interview and backstage footage, mostly regarding the limitless supply of guest stars that cropped up on the tour along the way. The few tantalising snippets of the iconic collaborations should be a film in itself. 


- "You Are In Love" where it seems like Taylor is performing for a million tiny stars!

- The constant slow-motion hair-whips that never get old!

- The rain-effect on "How You Get The Girl" and the light-up dress.

- 80's "Love Story" and the hint of "Enchanted" before "Wildest Dreams".

- Taylor's totally awkward, by utterly charming "armography" throughout!