EastSiders [TV Review] Episodes 2 & 3 | Get Tonk'd | Your Pop Culture Protein Fix

The end of the world, jam jars of pain and a Christmas tree of lies in this week's EastSiders DOUBLE FEATURE!

EastSiders [TV Review] Episodes 2 & 3 | Get Tonk'd | Your Pop Culture Protein Fix

The end of the world, jam jars of pain and a Christmas tree of lies in this week's EastSiders DOUBLE FEATURE!

Both episodes clocked in at barely over ten minutes this week so I thought I'd give you an EASTSIDERS double-feature! SPOILERS AHEAD!

12.21.2012 - Episode 2 picks up the night before Episode 1 and pretty much shows us what has already been explained. So aside from a certain reveal about a certain marriage proposal, there is not much happening here that we don't already know. We are introduced to two new characters, however...

First is Krazy Kathy's boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Ian (John Halbach) who Cal and Thom seem to know pretty well. It's refreshing to have a straight male character play a supporting role AND stillfeel like an integrated part of the group, rather than in every non-LGBTQ+ show where it's the other way around.

Then there is Quincy, (Stephen Guarino) a party promoter who is friends with the gang. He's campy and hilarious and has some great one-liners.

"My earrings are made of the RENT musical deluxe edition"

This is episode's immediate foray into non-linear storytelling is an interesting way to start a series, but since we know so much already, it feels a little frustrating on a second viewing. However, it flies by and has some really funny moments.

1.5.2013 - Episode 3 is where the series really begins to kick into gear! Cal and Thom seem to being doing fine after #Apocalypsepartygate2013, but ruh-roh, Cal gets a hold of Thom's phone and decides to confront Jeremy. 

"I'm not an alcoholic."

Much of the episode is dedicated to Cal and Jeremy and it is everything. Cal is obviously neurotic and insecure and very messed up, whilst Jeremy is sweet, but makes some terrible choices. The pair get drunk in a humorous montage before this wonderful exchange:

Jeremy"You know I think about it in every situation. What would a good person do? Because I know, inherently, I'm not. I'm just aspiring."

Cal"That sounds exhausting."

Jeremy: "It is."

Then Jeremy and Cal decide to do something very bad...

Their actions set the tone for a series that really plays with the ideas of monogamy and modern day relationships.

As a 90's kid where TV tells you that a simple kiss between someone outside of your relationship was scandalous, EastSiders presents a more complex and contemporary narrative. Life is grey. Nothing is simple.

In the B-plot, Ian is trying to break the news to Krazy Kathy about his accidental proposal, by of course, talking it out in front of the mirror in classic movie trope tradition. Eye-roll! It's cliché. It's boring. It's all been done befo... Oh wait! Kathy is watching the whole thing! Very clever Kit Williamson, very clever. A marvellous subversion of an overdone storytelling technique.

Even better, Kathy reveals she doesn't want to get married either, but the couple don't split up. Again, refreshing. I remember in Buffy Season 6 when Xander left Anya at the alter, but as a result, the pair split up and pretty much never reconciled. That always irked me. Just because they weren't ready to get married, doesn't mean they still couldn't be a couple. 

Back to Cal and Jeremy, who have done the deed, and Cal's revelation that before Jeremy, Thom was the only person he had ever had sex with. Bombshell. This explains so much about Cal's personality, as he has so much to lose. The stakes of his relationship with Thom are so much higher, because it's all he's ever had.

...Until now.

Episode 3 closes with Cal and Thom deciding to leave their Christmas decorations up a little while longer. Christmas decorations? Or your web of lies, boys?




Episode 2 (2.5/5)

Episode 3 (4.5/5)

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