"EastSiders" [TV Review] S1E01 | Get Tonk'd | Your Pop Culture Protein Fix

Sex, Lies and Silver Lake | Kit Williamson's LGBTQ+ web-series finally hits Netflix!

"EastSiders" [TV Review] S1E01 | Get Tonk'd | Your Pop Culture Protein Fix

Sex, Lies and Silver Lake | Kit Williamson's LGBTQ+ web-series finally hits Netflix!

Whist spending some alone time with my summer boyfriend, (his name's Netflix, he goes to another school, you wouldn't know him...) I stumbled across this little series called EASTSIDERS. As a fan of drag queen-slash-actor-slash-internet personality, Willam, I had already vaguely heard about the show, and so when it popped up on my "to watch" list, I knew I'd be hooked. 

Needless to say, I binge-watched the whole two seasons in about 48 hours.

1) Because the episodes are refreshingly short. 2) Because the writing and the characters are so compelling. 3) Because I have no life. 

What's also awesome is that EastSiders creator/writer/director, Kit Williamson, has been promoting the show via social media and I got the chance to briefly chat/flirt with him... (I told him his eyes were pretty and he sent me three hearts back so we're basically married now, except he's actually married to series co-star John Halbach who plays the earnest, straight-mate, Ian. But more on him next review.) 

Anyway, my evil-genius plan of unashamed self-promotion is to review each episode in the hopes that: More people will watch the show... It'll get producers interested in a third season... I will get to cameo in said third season (as promised by Kit on Instagram, so it MUST be true.) Simples. 

So without any further ado. Let's review:


"I'm putting my hopes on you, what a foolish thing for me to do." 


Silver Lake. Los Angeles. 12.22.2012 (or everywhere but America 22.12.2012). Basically it's Christmas. Cal (Kit Williamson) wakes up with an epic hangover, only to find boyf of four years, Thom (Van Hansis, who looks eerily similar to Randy Harrison, complete with Queer as Folk Season 3 hair) asleep on the floor. Where he put him. Apparently there was major drama the night before. Ruh-roh. 

And so begins the journey of Cal and Thom as they navigate the twists and turns of their tumultuous relationship. The episode does a great job at introducing them and the supporting characters, through really natural dialogue. 

Cal's bestie, Krazy Kathy (the infectiously hilarious Constance Wu) gets a great introduction. I loved her relentless banging on the front door, I loved the re-applying of makeup rant, I loved the sitting on the toilet, door wide open, totally shameless. I basically loved it all. Same goes for Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon), the "other woman" character, who you should hate, but the moment you meet fall in love with. It's mostly McKelligon's big deer-like eyes and charming delivery. I don't think I've ever before seen a character who has made me like them just by opening a door and saying "Hi". 

Like I said, the episode is short, clocking in at around 15 mins, so it's super easy to watch and, particularly with Season 1, episodes flow into one-another so before you know it, you're halfway through. Just makes sure you catch the dates at the start because it's not always a linear timeline. 

Those of you expecting Willam, bear with, he doesn't show up until Season 2. But don't let that put you off and DON'T skip ahead. It's definitely worth it. 

S1E01 is a great introduction, keeping everything funny, but not OTT, and aside from the occasional blips in direction, (several foreground/background shots with one actor having their back to the other, which seems kinda staged) the style is very grounded and real. The show really kicks into gear visually in the second season, when it seems the budgets (and the haircuts) get a way better.

"I love you too, asshole."



(4/5) (I need to find a cute scoring image or like stars or something. I'm new at this. I'll figure it out.)

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